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Leopard Skin Canvas Leopard Skin - Canvas designed by Trubey. Knife edge w/shirred jumbo cord. 13 mesh.

Christmas Bow Canvas Christmas Bow - Canvas designed by Trubey. Finished as purse w/shirred gusset and twisted metallic cord shoulder strap. Also available as pillow. 13 mesh.

Goldfish Petite Clutch Goldfish Petite Clutch Purse - Canvas designed by Designer Belts. Finished in leather w/spaghetti shoulder strap. 18m.

Blue Bow Canvas Blue Bow - Canvas designed by Associated Talents. Finished as a knife-edged pillow w/gold metallic and perle cotton cord and tassels. Available in other colors. 13 mesh.

Oriental Alphabet Monogram Oriental Alphabet Monogram - Canvas designed by Patti Mann Designs. Finished as a shirred box pillow w/multi-color perle cotton cord. 18 mesh.

Blue Riboon Monogram Blue Ribbon Monogram - Designed by Petei Unlimited. Finished as a knife-edged ruffled pillow. 13 mesh.
Gold metallic monogram designed by Needle Nicely (custom design). Finished as a boxtop for a Sudberry House moire box. Boxes come in various sizes and colors. 13 mesh.

Rainbow Plaid Pillow Chottie's Rainbow Plaid Pillow - Designed by Chottie Alderson. Finished as a fringed knife-edged pillow. 13 mesh.

Chain Mail Bargello Chain Mail Bargello - Stitched in greens w/peach and off-white accent. Set up by Needle Nicely. Finished as a boxed pillow. Can be done in any color combination. 13 mesh tan bargello canvas.
Bargello pattern stitched in brightly colored overdyed cotton. Finished as a framed, corded, boxed pillow. 13 mesh tan bargello canvas.

Bow Pillow Bow Pillow - Designed by Alice Peterson Co. Stitched in perle cotton for the design and Paternayan Persian yarn for the background. Finished w/perle cotton cording and tassels. Available in other colors. 13 mesh.

Tassel Sandals and Tassel Purse Tassel Sandal - Designed by Trubey. Finished as a leather soled sandal. Available in various color combinations. Finished to size by Boots Bailey.

Tassel Purse - Designed by Trubey. Finished as a purse w/a shirred gusset and twisted marlitt cord. Design also available as a tri-fold clutch, Pierre Deux barrel purse, and Chanel style purse. 18 mesh (barrel available in 13 mesh.) Also available as a vest canvas, pillow canvas, brick cover, and picture frame (various sizes) in 13 mesh and a frog canvas in 18 mesh.

Golf Club Covers Golf Club Covers - Designed by Needle Nicely (custom design). Finished by Elizabeth Turner Finishing. Available in various designs and colors. Any mesh, though 13 or 18 mesh desirable for design.

Book ends covers Bookend Covers - For metal bookend. Shown are hibiscus and tassel designs by Trubey. Custom designs available. Usually in 13 mesh, although more intricate designs would require 18 mesh. Finished w/wool twisted cord.

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